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facio - A RCON Library

facio is meant to be a two-folded RCON library, implementing the RCON protocol as stated in Valvesoftware's RCON Protocol Spec (which is called "protocol" or "spec" in the following) by providing a low-level packet type RawPacket and a higher-level client type RconClient.

The RawPacket type gives a wrapper around the packets sent through rcon connections which can be also be used on the server-side of things.

The RconClient type provides a higher-level entry point for building a RCON client.

After all, there is low-level part in facio::ll which provides low-level functions to send and receive RawPacket via a TcpStream.



High-Level RCON client


Low-Level RCON network functions


Wrapper around RCON packet byte structure