Crate f3[][src]

Board support crate for the STM32F3DISCOVERY


  • Trying out the examples
$ # if you don't have the clone subcommand
$ cargo install cargo-clone

$ cargo clone f3 --vers 0.6.0

# on another terminal
$ openocd -f interface/stlink-v2-1.cfg -f target/stm32f3x.cfg

# flash and debug the "Hello, world" example
$ cd f3
$ rustup target add thumbv7em-none-eabihf
$ cargo run --example hello

You'll need to have both OpenOCD and arm-none-eabi-gcc installed.

  • Building an application that depends on this crate

To build applications (binary crates) using this crate follow cortex-m-quickstart instructions and add this crate as a dependency in step number 6 and make sure you enable the "rt" Cargo feature of this crate. Also, instead of step number 4 remove both the and memory.x files.


See the examples module.


pub extern crate l3gd20;
pub extern crate lsm303dlhc;
pub extern crate stm32f30x_hal as hal;



Examples in order of increasing complexity


On-board user LEDs

Type Definitions


On board L3GD20 connected to the SPI1 bus via the pins PA5, PA6, PA7 and PE3


On board LSM303DLHC connected to the I2C1 bus via the PB6 and PB7 pins