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This is a experimental crate for extracting possible inline titles for error searching with resa.

The following example will demonstrate the purpose:

error[E0382]: use of moved value: 'v'
--> examples/
3 |     let v2 = v;
|         -- value moved here
4 |     println!("v[0] is: {}\", v[0]);
  |                             ^ value used here after move
= note: move occurs because `v` has type `std::vec::Vec<i32>`, which does not implement the `Copy` trait"

A compiler error. The extractor crate will search for the inline title use of moved value. To get this sentence the crate need to filter, split and match regular expressions.

Based on this title we're able to search e.g on StackOverflow for similar issues.



Retuns a Vector of error sentences with error code


Retuns a Vector of error sentences without error code


Returns a Vector of compiler error entries