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Extrablatt: Customizable article scraping & curation.

A library to gather and scrape news articles. This functionality is also provided as a CLI utility. Extrablatt supports targeted article scraping and non-targeted gathering of articles either limited by category or unrestricted for an entire website. Extrablatt allows for customized extraction of the textual content of an article by means of the crate::extract::Extractor trait.


Extract all content from a single news article


A crate::Category represents a broader collection of articles, like Sports or Politics. Categores usually have their own designated page, e.g. https://some-news.com/sports. By targeting specific crate::Category, Extrablatt tries to identify all news articles on the categorie's page and then scrape them afterwards.

use futures::stream::StreamExt;

let mut stream = extrablatt::Category::new("https://some-news.com/sports".parse().unwrap())
while let Some(article) = stream.next().await {

The streaming of articles is made possible by crate::ArticleStream, which lets you turn any website into futures::stream::Stream fo articles.

crate::Extrablatt is essentially a cache of articles of an entire news site. It first tries to identify all categories from the main page and then download and and scrape every article. Failed downloading attempts can easily be repeated.

use futures::stream::StreamExt;

let mut site = extrablatt::Extrablatt::builder("https://some-news.com/")?.build().await?;
for(url, content) in site.download_articles().await.successes() {
    // ...

However crate::Extrablatt can also be consumed and turned in to an crate::ArticleStream covering the whole site.

use futures::stream::StreamExt;

let site = extrablatt::Extrablatt::builder("https://some-news.com/")?.build().await?;

let mut stream = site.into_stream();
while let Some(article) = stream.next().await {
    if let Ok(article) = article {
        println!("article '{:?}'", article.content.title)
    } else {
        println!("{:?}", article);

By default, extraction of valuable information is done using the crate::DefaultExtractor which only uses the default implementation of the crate::Extractor trait. To customize the content extraction, the trait must be implemented for a custom extractor.

use extrablatt::{Extractor, Language};
use extrablatt::select::{predicate::Attr, document::Document};
use std::borrow::Cow;

pub struct MyExtractor {

impl Extractor for MyExtractor {

    fn text<'a>(&self, doc: &'a Document, lang: Language) -> Option<Cow<'a, str>> {
        // identify and extract the article's text from the `doc`,
        // e.g. by finding the very node that holds the text
        doc.find(Attr("id", "article")).next().map(|n| n.text().into())
let extractor = MyExtractor{};
let article = extrablatt::Article::get_with_extractor(


pub use select;
pub use crate::article::Article;
pub use crate::article::PureArticle;
pub use crate::category::Category;
pub use crate::extrablatt::ArticleStream;
pub use crate::extrablatt::Config;
pub use crate::extrablatt::Extrablatt;
pub use crate::extrablatt::ExtrablattBuilder;
pub use crate::extract::DefaultExtractor;
pub use crate::extract::Extractor;
pub use crate::language::Language;