[][src]Crate eventually_postgres

eventually type implementations for PostgreSQL.

Event Store

This crate includes an EventStore implementation using PostgreSQL as backend data source.

Example usage:

// Open a connection with Postgres.
let (client, connection) =
    tokio_postgres::connect("postgres://user@pass:localhost:5432/db", tokio_postgres::NoTls)
        .map_err(|err| {
            eprintln!("failed to connect to Postgres: {}", err);

// The connection, responsible for the actual IO, must be handled by a different
// execution context.
tokio::spawn(async move {
    if let Err(e) = connection.await {
        eprintln!("connection error: {}", e);

// A domain event example -- it is deliberately simple.
#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
struct SomeEvent;

// Use an EventStoreBuilder to build multiple EventStore instances.
let builder = EventStoreBuilder::from(Arc::new(RwLock::new(client)));

// Events should be versioned to be used with the Postgres Event Store.
use eventually::versioned::Versioned;

// Event store for the events.
let store = {
    let store = builder.event_stream::<String, Versioned<SomeEvent>>("orders");



EventStore implementation using a PostgreSQL backend.


Builder type for EventStore instances.