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Ethereum types, cryptography and utilities. It is recommended to use the utils, types and abi re-exports instead of the core module to simplify your imports.

This library provides type definitions for Ethereum's main datatypes along with other utilities for interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem

Signing an ethereum-prefixed message

Signing in Ethereum is done by first prefixing the message with "\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n" + message.length, and then signing the hash of the result.

use ethers::signers::{Signer, LocalWallet};

let message = "Some data";
let wallet = LocalWallet::new(&mut rand::thread_rng());

// Sign the message
let signature = wallet.sign_message(message).await?;

// Recover the signer from the message
let recovered = signature.recover(message)?;

assert_eq!(recovered, wallet.address());


The crate provides utilities for launching local Ethereum testnets by using ganache-cli via the GanacheBuilder struct. In addition, you're able to compile contracts on the filesystem by providing a glob to their path, using the Solc struct.

ABI Encoding and Decoding

This crate re-exports the ethabi crate's functions under the abi module, as well as the secp256k1 and rand crates for convenience.


pub use rand;
pub use k256;



This module implements extensions to the ethabi API.


Various utilities