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Module for generating type-safe bindings to Ethereum smart contracts. This module is intended to be used either indirectly with the abigen procedural macro or directly from a build script / CLI


pub use filter::ContractFilter;
pub use filter::ExcludeContracts;
pub use filter::SelectContracts;
pub use multi::MultiAbigen;


Contains types to generate rust bindings for solidity contracts
Filtering support for contracts used in Abigen
Generate bindings for multiple Abigen


Builder struct for generating type-safe bindings from a contract’s ABI
Type-safe contract bindings generated by a Builder. This type can be either written to file or into a token stream for use in a procedural macro.
Helper to match ethabi::Params with structs and nested structs


A source of a Truffle artifact JSON.


Parses the given address string

Type Definitions