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Crate for common times shared between the ethcontract runtime crate as and the ethcontract-derive crate.


pub use crate::abiext::FunctionExt;
pub use crate::bytecode::Bytecode;
pub use crate::contract::Contract;
pub use ethabi as abi;


This module implements extensions to the ethabi API.

Tools for loading artifacts that contain compiled contracts.

This module implements solc and Truffle bytecode output parsing and linking. Bytecode is represented as a hex string with special placeholders for libraries that require linking.

Module for reading and examining data produced by truffle.

Module with common error types.

Keccak256 hash utilities.


API building calls to contracts ABI.

Fixed-size uninterpreted hash type with 32 bytes (256 bits) size.


Information about when a contract instance was deployed

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