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This crate contains some string based utilities.

The word estahr is the phonetic version of str (ess-tee-ahr). :)

For the 0.1.x version, we include string distance and hashing functions. The hashing is provided by the RustCrypto series of crates.

The blake3 hashing is provided by the blake3 crate, straight from the Blake-3 Team.

String Distances

The string distances currently provided are:

  1. Hamming Distance Wiki
  2. Levenshtein Distance Wiki
  3. Jaro Winkler Distance Wiki


This crate provides both string and file based hashing.

The hashing (file & string) provided include:

  1. MD5 (for compatibility, not recommended due to proven weaknesses).
  2. SHA2 - 256
  3. SHA2 - 512
  4. SHA3 - 256
  5. SHA3 - 512
  6. BLAKE 2s (256 bit)
  7. BLAKE 2b (512 bit)
  8. BLAKE 3 (256 bit)



This module provides functions to calculate the hash of strings and files. The hashes can be in absolute value or in hex. (hex is usually preferred)


This module has utility functions for strings.