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This crate is meant to be used inside a proc macro lib.

This crate provides a trait ErrorSpanned and a derive macro error_spanned_derive::ErrorSpanned. The trait enforces that the error type supports conversion to syn::Error and proc_macro2::TokenStream.

This trait is implemented for a wrapper struct generated by the #[derive(ErrorSpanned)]. The struct generated by it stores line, file and span info.


For a file named

use std::fmt::Display;
use error_spanned::{ErrorSpanned as _, ErrorSpanned};
use proc_macro2::Span;

// Deriving ErrorSpanned generates a struct named `CustomErrorSpanned`
// and a function-like macro named custom_error!().
#[derive(Debug, ErrorSpanned)]
enum CustomError {
    Error3 {
        x: i32,
        y: i32,

impl Display for CustomError {
    fn fmt(&self, f: &mut std::fmt::Formatter) -> Result<(), std::fmt::Error> {
        match self {
            CustomError::Error1 => write!(f, "Error1"),
            CustomError::Error2(string) => write!(f, "Error2({})", string),
            CustomError::Error3 {x, y} => write!(f, "Error3 {{ x = {}, y = {} }}",x, y),
impl std::error::Error for CustomError {}

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    // Printing the following errors will also print line and file
    println!("{}", custom_error!(Error1, Span::call_site()));
    println!("{}", custom_error!(Error2("Hello world".into()), Span::call_site()));
    println!("{}", custom_error!(Error3{x: 1, y: 2}, Span::call_site()));

Output is as follows:

Line: 31, File: /Users/mihir/rust_crates/error_spanned/tests/
Line: 32, File: /Users/mihir/rust_crates/error_spanned/tests/
Error2(Hello world)
Line: 33, File: /Users/mihir/rust_crates/error_spanned/tests/
Error3 { x = 1, y = 2 }

As shown in the above example, errors should be propagated by the generated macro (like custom_error!()). The generated macro is the snake cased version of the error enum.

The generated macro accepts the error variant (not complete path) as the first arg and span as the second arg.

The type returned by the macro is <enum_named>Spanned. This type can be converted to proc_macro2::TokenStream or syn::Error as it implements ErrorSpanned. On conversion to proc_macro2::TokenStream or syn::Error it preseves span information.



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