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Ergothic is a collection of helpers for setting up and running distributed statistical Monte-Carlo simulations written in Rust. It is multi-purpose and will work for any statistical simulation based on Monte-Carlo or its variations (Metropolis-Hastings, etc.). However, its primary purpose is to ease the toil for simulating Quantum Field Theory on the lattice. Ergothic will perform routine tasks unrelated to the subject of your research for you, allowing you to focus on the code that matters. Simulations written with ergothic can run both in the single-threaded local environment, which is super easy to debug, and on clusters with tens of thousands of nodes. No code changes are required to scale your simulation up to any number, that technical part has already been taking care for you!



A thin wrapper around a positional index corresponding to a specific measure. Instead of using interior mutability, we demand that userspace code refers to specific measures by their indices, safely wrapped in MeasureIdx.


Public interface to measure registry and the entry point function.



A configuration sample from the ergodic distribution must implement this trait in order to be used in the ergothic simulation.