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Make loading configuration more ergonomic, therefore fun!

This is the configuration loading libray as part of the ergo crate ecosystem.

This library should rarely be used on its own. Refer to the ergo crate ecosystem for how to use its exported features. For one thing it depends on serde to actually be used in most cases.

Special thanks

The crates that are exported are:

  • configure: pull in configuration from the environment.
  • ron: Rusty Object Notation.
  • serde_json: Strongly typed JSON library for Rust.
  • serde_yaml: Strongly typed YAML library for Rust.
  • toml: A TOML encoding/decoding library for Rust.

Consider supporting their development individually and starring them on github.


pub extern crate configure;
pub extern crate serde_json as json;
pub extern crate serde_yaml as yaml;
pub extern crate toml;
pub use configure::*;