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Holds the latest value emitted by a stream.


A Sink is an object used to create a Stream. If you have ever visited a kitchen or bathroom you have probably observed this phenomena already. In more technical terms, Sinks are the 'write' part of functional reactive programming, and Streams are the 'read' part.


Streams are objects that emit events in sequence as they are created. Streams are similar to Iterators in Rust in that both represent a sequence of values and both can be modified by 'pipe' functions like map and filter. The difference is that all values of an iterator are known immediately (or, at least, execution will block while the next item is retrieved), whereas it would not be uncommon for a stream to live for the entire duration of a program, emitting new values from time-to-time.


A Subscription object ties a stream to a listener function such that the listener function is run whenever a new value is added to the stream. When the Subscription object is destroyed the listener function will stop getting called.


Reactive value that is explicitly set, rather than being derived from a stream.



Trait that applies to both readonly and writeable reactive values.



Combines all values emitted from a list of same-typed streams into one single stream.