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Backend-agnostic interface for writing apps using egui.

epi provides interfaces for window management and serialization. An app written for epi can then be plugged into eframe, the egui framework crate.

Start by looking at the App trait, and implement App::update.


pub use egui;


You only need to look here if you are writing a backend for epi.

File storage which can be used by native backends.


Stores nothing.

Represents the surroundings of your app.

Image data for the icon.

Information about the integration passed to the use app each frame.

Options controlling the behavior of a native window

Information about the web environment (if applicable).


Storage key used for app


Implement this trait to write apps that can be compiled both natively using the egui_glium crate, and deployed as a web site using the egui_web crate.

Abstraction for platform dependent texture reference

How to signal the egui integration that a repaint is required.

A place where you can store custom data in a way that persists when you restart the app.

How to allocate textures (images) to use in egui.


Get and deserialize the RON stored at the given key.

Serialize the given value as RON and store with the given key.