[][src]Crate ephemeral

Ephemeral creates a temporary project on your filesystem at any location of your choice so that you can use it while testing anything that works on a rust project - mainly cargo commands/binaries. It can be used to generate projects of other languages too.


To use this crate, add it to the dev-dependencies since it is used only during testing:

ephemeral = "0.2"


To create a project:

use ephemeral::{Project, Dir};

fn main() {
    let project = Project::new("tmp")
       .add_dir(Dir::new("tmp/foo").add_file("bar", &vec![101u8]))


This will create a new project in a dir called tmp which will contain a dir "foo" which will contain a file bar with e (101u8) written to the file.



Represents a dir in the filesystem. Accepts a path and contains a vector of files added.


Represents a file stored in the filesystem. Contains the path and the contents in bytes.


Project represents a project created on the file system at any user-defined location defined by the path parameter to the new() function.