[][src]Crate env_perm

This crate allows you to permanently set environment variables


// Check if DUMMY is set, if not set it to 1
// export DUMMY=1
env_perm::check_or_set("DUMMY", 1).expect("Failed to find or set DUMMY");
// Append $HOME/some/cool/bin to $PATH
// export PATH= "$HOME/some/cool/bin:$PATH"
env_perm::append("PATH", "$HOME/some/cool/bin").expect("Couldn't find PATH");
// Sets a variable without checking if it exists.
// Note you need to use a raw string literal to include ""
// export DUMMY="/something"
env_perm::set("DUMMY", r#""/something""#).expect("Failed to set DUMMY");



Appends a value to an environment variable Useful for appending a value to PATH


Checks if a environment variable is set. If it is then nothing will happen. If it's not then it will be added to your profile.


Sets an environment variable without checking if it exists. If it does you will end up with two assignments in your profile. It's recommended to use check_or_set unless you are certain it doesn't exist.