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Custom Derive for Endian Trait

This crate provides a custom-derive procedural macro for the Endian trait. This macro simply takes the component fields of the type on which it is annotated and attempts to call the Endian conversion on each field. This means that Endian can only be derived on types composed of types that are all themselves Endian. Attempting to derive Endian on a type with a non-Endian type in it will result in a compilation error.

Use Case

Network serialization of complex types. That's pretty much it. This trait does not require explicitly, but in practice basically does need, that the types on which it is implemented are repr(C) or repr(packed). You can get away with using it on types that do not have that representation if you can guarantee that you know how to properly handle the actual byte representation and the generator and consumer are the same Rust version.


Import the crate and its macros. You can't make use of this crate without the endian_trait crate, and that's where fuller documentation can be found. You can then add a #[derive(Endian)] marker on structs (regular, tuple, or void). Enums are not yet supported. All elements of the struct must themselves be Endian.

extern crate endian_trait;
extern crate endian_trait_derive;

struct Foo<A: Endian, B: Endian> {
    bar: A,
    baz: B,



Hook for receiving #[derive(Endian)] code