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The SEV shim

This crate contains the system/kernel that handles the syscalls (and cpuid instructions) from the enclave code and might proxy them to the host.


Some basic address operations

The global Allocator

Debug functions

Functions dealing with the exec

Global Descriptor Table init

Host <-> Shim Communication

Interrupt handling

Page Tables


Functions and macros to output text on the host

Random functions

Helper functions for the shim stack

SNP specific modules and functions

wrapper around spinning types to permit trait implementations.

SSE related functions

syscall interface layer between assembler and rust

switch to Ring 3 aka usermode


Prints and returns the value of a given expression for quick and dirty debugging.

Prints to the standard error.

Prints to the standard error of the host, with a newline.

Prints to the standard output of the host.

Prints to the standard output of the host, with a newline.