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Empfindung is a library providing implementations of colour difference algorithms. Specifically, distances based on L*a*b* colour space often referred to as ΔE. (This is also where the package gets its name. The ‘E’ stands for German ‘Empfindung’).

The crate provides CIEDE2000 (in cie00 module), CIE94 (in cie94), CIE76 (in cie76 module) and CMC l:c (in cmc module) implementations.


use empfindung::cie00;
use empfindung::cie76;

let colour_1 = lab::Lab { l: 38.972, a: 58.991, b: 37.138 };
let colour_2 = lab::Lab { l: 54.528, a: 42.416, b: 54.497 };

let delta_e = cie00::diff(colour_1, colour_2);
println!("The CIEDE2000 colour difference is: {}", delta_e);
assert_eq!(20.553642, delta_e);

let colour_1 = (38.972, 58.991, 37.138);
let colour_2 = (54.528, 42.416, 54.497);

let delta_e = cie76::diff(colour_1, colour_2);
println!("The Euclidean distance is: {}", delta_e);
assert_eq!(28.601656, delta_e);

let colour_1 = rgb::RGB::<u8>::new(234, 76, 76);
let colour_2 = rgb::RGB::<u8>::new(76, 187, 234);
let delta_e = cie00::diff(colour_1, colour_2);
println!("The CIEDE200 colour difference is: {}", delta_e);
assert_eq!(58.90164, delta_e);

Crate Features

The crate defines lab and rgb features which are enabled by default.

With both of them enabled, create provides ToLab implementation for rgb::RGB<u8> type which means that diff functions can be used with rgb::RGB<u8> arguments.

Furthermore, if lab enabled the diff functions can accept lab::Lab argument and diff_rgb functions as well as DE2000 is provided. Note that the latter two are a deprecated features.


pub use cie00::DE2000;


Implementation of the CIEDE2000 colour distance algorithm.
Implementation of the CIE76 colour distance algorithm.
Implementation of the CIE94 colour distance algorithm.
Implementation of the CMC l:c colour distance algorithm.


Object which can be converted to L*a*\b* colour representation.