Function emboss::extract_metadata[][src]

pub fn extract_metadata(
    buf: &[u8]
) -> Result<HashMap<Cow<'_, str>, Cow<'_, str>>, EmbossError>
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Extract embossed metadata from the raw bytes in a section

The metadata is expected to be written in the following format:


Where is the name of the identifier, is the embossed value, and \0 is a null byte

Please note that as this format assumes identifiers ending with ‘=’, identifiers may not contain an equal sign

Example usage:

// Example pulled directly from an example binary
let data = "VERGEN_RUSTC_CHANNEL=stable\0VERGEN_RUSTC_COMMIT_DATE=2021-05-09\0";

let metadata = emboss::extract_metadata(data.as_bytes()).unwrap();

let value = metadata.get("VERGEN_RUSTC_CHANNEL").unwrap();
assert_eq!(value, "stable");

let value = metadata.get("VERGEN_RUSTC_COMMIT_DATE").unwrap();
assert_eq!(value, "2021-05-09");