[][src]Module embedded_graphics::pixelcolor

Pixel color trait

Driver implementers should implement PixelColor for the struct used to store pixels for the target display. An example can be found in the simulator. A simpler example looks like this:

use embedded_graphics::drawable::Pixel;
use embedded_graphics::unsignedcoord::UnsignedCoord;
use embedded_graphics::pixelcolor::PixelColor;

// `Copy` and `Clone` are bounds on `PixelColor` and are required.
// `PartialEq` is for the `assert_eq!()` later in this example.
// `Debug` is for convenience :)
#[derive(Copy, Clone, PartialEq, Debug)]
struct CustomPixelColor {
    pub value: u16,

impl CustomPixelColor {
    fn new(color: u16) -> Self {
        CustomPixelColor { value: color }

impl PixelColor for CustomPixelColor {}

// `From<u8>` is a bound on `PixelColor` so must be implemented for your pixel colour type
impl From<u8> for CustomPixelColor {
    fn from(other: u8) -> Self {
        CustomPixelColor {
            value: other as u16,

fn main() {
    let colour = CustomPixelColor::new(127u16);

    assert_eq!(colour.value, 127u16);



Pixel wrapper around u8 type


Pixel wrapper around u16 type


Pixel wrapper around u32 type



Pixel color