[][src]Trait emacs::IntoLisp

pub trait IntoLisp<'e> {
    fn into_lisp(self, env: &'e Env) -> Result<Value<'e>>;

Converting a Rust type into Lisp Value.


The lifetime parameter is put on the trait itself, instead of the method. This allows the impl for Value to simply return the input, instead of having to create a new Value.

Required methods

fn into_lisp(self, env: &'e Env) -> Result<Value<'e>>

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'_> IntoLisp<'_> for ()[src]

impl<'_> IntoLisp<'_> for bool[src]

impl<'_> IntoLisp<'_> for i64[src]

impl<'_> IntoLisp<'_> for f64[src]

impl<'e, 'a, T: AsRef<str> + ?Sized> IntoLisp<'e> for &'a T[src]

impl<'_> IntoLisp<'_> for String[src]

impl<'e, T: IntoLisp<'e>> IntoLisp<'e> for Option<T>[src]

impl<T: Transfer, '_> IntoLisp<'_> for Box<T>[src]

impl<'e, T> IntoLisp<'e> for RefCell<T>[src]

impl<'e, T> IntoLisp<'e> for Mutex<T>[src]

impl<'e, T> IntoLisp<'e> for RwLock<T>[src]

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impl<'e> IntoLisp<'e> for Value<'e>[src]

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