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Elite: Dangerous Player Journal(s)

As documented in detail in the reference, which is parsed from the official “Journal Manual”, there are a number of files which the game itself updates and third-party tools consume. Most notable, EDDN syncs a subset of the game’s journals from players running client tools like Elite: Dangerous Discovery or Elite: Dangerous Market Connector. See our eddn crate for more information.

Every Entry in the Elite Dangerous journal and status files will have at least the following fields:

  • timestamp
  • event

The parser matchs on the event to determine the rest of the fields in the object. Status files other than the main incremental journals each only contain a single event type, and are therefor not included in the broader entry::Event enum.


pub use self::entry::parse_status_file;
pub use self::entry::parse_journal_file;
pub use self::entry::parse_journal_dir;
pub use self::entry::Entry;


Serde helper deserializers

Journal and status file entries

Galaxtic factions who occupy systems and participate in the game’s background simulation

All shared data models used throughout the events

A star system, located in static 3D space


System and faction’s alignment to the broader groups

System and faction’s organizational structure