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This library provides an extendable Bitcoin-Electrum client that supports batch calls, notifications and multiple transport methods.

By default this library is compiled with support for SSL servers using rustls and support for plaintext connections over a socks proxy, useful for Onion servers. Using different features, the SSL implementation can be removed or replaced with openssl.

A minimal configuration is also provided, which only includes the plaintext TCP client.


use electrum_client::{Client, ElectrumApi};

let mut client = Client::new("tcp://")?;
let response = client.server_features()?;






Type Aliases

  • Format used by the Electrum server to identify an address. The reverse sha256 hash of the scriptPubKey. Documented here.
  • Binary blob that condenses all the activity of an address. Used to detect changes without having to compare potentially long lists of transactions.