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A library for working with Electron fuses and preventing runtime behavior modifications.

electron-hardener provides a way to harden Electron applications against a specific class of runtime behavior modification. Specifically, if an unprivileged process can’t write to the application’s binary file or process address space, it should not be able to change what an app does at runtime.

This library provides two sets of functionality:

  • An interface to view and modify the status of fuses in an application, similar to the official fuses package.
  • A fast and configurable alternative implementation of the electron-evil-feature-patcher tool created by Dimitri Witkowski. All patches it can perform are also exposed in this crate. See its README for more details on how it works.

Functionality is tested on a minimum version of Electron 15. Older versions may partially work but this is not guaranteed.

A Note on Effectiveness

Any patching this tool does is considered a strong “best effort” as the Chromium, Electron, and Node.JS teams are free to potentially make changes to the argument parser, set of flags, etc.

For a stronger assurance, consider disabling the dev tools messages.


pub use fuses::Fuse;


Functionality for viewing and modifying fuses in an Electron application.

A configurable and fast implementation of electron-evil-feature-patcher’s binary patching capabilites.


An Electron application binary.


An error that the provided binary didn’t contain the required information for an operation on it.

An error that can result from parsing an Electron binary and attempting to modify it.