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Demo-code for showing how egui is used.

This library can be used to test 3rd party egui integrations (see for instance https://github.com/not-fl3/egui-miniquad/blob/master/examples/demo.rs).

The demo is also used in benchmarks and tests.

Feature flags

  • serde — Allow serialization using serde.

  • syntax_highlighting — Enable better syntax highlighting using syntect.

Optional dependencies

  • document-features — Enable this when generating docs.


Experimental markup language


Create a Hyperlink to this egui source code file on github.

Create a Hyperlink to this egui source code file and line on github.


A test for sanity-checking and diagnosing egui rendering backends.

A menu bar in which you can select different demo windows to show.



Detect narrow screens. This is used to show a simpler UI on mobile devices, especially for the web demo at https://egui.rs.