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egui bindings for winit.

The library translates winit events to egui, handled copy/paste, updates the cursor, open links clicked in egui, etc.

Feature flags

  • accesskit — Enable platform accessibility API implementations through AccessKit.

  • android-game-activity — Enable the game-activity backend via Winit on Android

  • android-native-activity — Enable the native-activity backend via Winit on Android

  • bytemuckbytemuck enables you to cast [egui::epaint::Vertex], [egui::Vec2] etc to &[u8].

  • clipboard (enabled by default) — Enable cut/copy/paste to OS clipboard. If disabled a clipboard will be simulated so you can still copy/paste within the egui app.

  • links (enabled by default) — Enable opening links in a browser when an egui hyperlink is clicked.

  • puffin — Enable profiling with the puffin crate.

  • serde — Allow serialization of WindowSettings using serde.

  • wayland (enabled by default) — Enables Wayland support.

  • x11 (enabled by default) — Enables compiling for x11.

Optional dependencies

  • document-features — Enable this when generating docs.