pub use egui;
pub use fltk;
pub use pollster;
pub use wgpu;


A callback function that can be used to compose an [egui::PaintCallback] for custom WGPU rendering.

Compat for epi::App impl trait

Shuttles FLTK’s input and events to Egui

The default cursor

Render pass to render a egui based GUI.

An image to be shown in egui.

Compat for RawWindowHandle 4.x

Information about the screen used for rendering.


egui::ColorImage Extender.

Pixel per unit trait helper.

Compat trait ext for RawWindowHandle 4.x

egui::TextureHandle Extender.


Construct the frontend.

Frame time for CPU usage.

Handles input/events from FLTK

Translates FLTK cursor to Egui cursors

Translates key codes