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A Guide-level Explanation of egg

egg is a e-graph library optimized for equality saturation. Using these techniques, one can pretty easily build an optimizer or synthesizer for a language.

This tutorial is targeted at readers who may not have seen e-graphs, equality saturation, or Rust. If you already know some of that stuff, you may just want to skim or skip those chapters.

This is intended to be guide-level introduction using examples to build intuition. For more detail, check out the API documentation, which the tutorials will link to frequently. Most of the code examples here are typechecked and run, so you may copy-paste them to get started.

There is also a paper describing egg and if are keen to read more about its technical novelties.

The tutorials are a work-in-progress with more to be added soon.



Concepts: e-graphs and equality saturation


My first egg 🐣