[][src]Struct ed25519_dalek::SecretKey

pub struct SecretKey(_);

An EdDSA secret key.

Instances of this secret are automatically overwritten with zeroes when they fall out of scope.


impl SecretKey[src]

pub fn to_bytes(&self) -> [u8; 32][src]

Convert this secret key to a byte array.

pub fn as_bytes<'a>(&'a self) -> &'a [u8; 32][src]

View this secret key as a byte array.

pub fn from_bytes(bytes: &[u8]) -> Result<SecretKey, SignatureError>[src]

Construct a SecretKey from a slice of bytes.


use ed25519_dalek::SecretKey;
use ed25519_dalek::SECRET_KEY_LENGTH;
use ed25519_dalek::SignatureError;

let secret_key_bytes: [u8; SECRET_KEY_LENGTH] = [
   157, 097, 177, 157, 239, 253, 090, 096,
   186, 132, 074, 244, 146, 236, 044, 196,
   068, 073, 197, 105, 123, 050, 105, 025,
   112, 059, 172, 003, 028, 174, 127, 096, ];

let secret_key: SecretKey = SecretKey::from_bytes(&secret_key_bytes)?;


A Result whose okay value is an EdDSA SecretKey or whose error value is an SignatureError wrapping the internal error that occurred.

pub fn generate<T>(csprng: &mut T) -> SecretKey where
    T: CryptoRng + RngCore

Generate a SecretKey from a csprng.


extern crate rand;
extern crate ed25519_dalek;

use rand::rngs::OsRng;
use ed25519_dalek::PublicKey;
use ed25519_dalek::SecretKey;
use ed25519_dalek::Signature;

let mut csprng = OsRng{};
let secret_key: SecretKey = SecretKey::generate(&mut csprng);

Afterwards, you can generate the corresponding public:

let public_key: PublicKey = (&secret_key).into();


A CSPRNG with a fill_bytes() method, e.g. rand::OsRng

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<[u8]> for SecretKey[src]

impl Debug for SecretKey[src]

impl Drop for SecretKey[src]

impl<'a> From<&'a SecretKey> for PublicKey[src]

fn from(secret_key: &SecretKey) -> PublicKey[src]

Derive this public key from its corresponding SecretKey.

impl<'a> From<&'a SecretKey> for ExpandedSecretKey[src]

fn from(secret_key: &'a SecretKey) -> ExpandedSecretKey[src]

Construct an ExpandedSecretKey from a SecretKey.


use rand::rngs::OsRng;
use ed25519_dalek::{SecretKey, ExpandedSecretKey};

let mut csprng = OsRng{};
let secret_key: SecretKey = SecretKey::generate(&mut csprng);
let expanded_secret_key: ExpandedSecretKey = ExpandedSecretKey::from(&secret_key);

impl Zeroize for SecretKey[src]

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