[][src]Struct ed25519_dalek::SignatureError

pub struct SignatureError(_);

Errors which may occur while processing signatures and keypairs.

This error may arise due to:

  • Being given bytes with a length different to what was expected.

  • A problem decompressing r, a curve point, in the Signature, or the curve point for a PublicKey.

  • A problem with the format of s, a scalar, in the Signature. This is only raised if the high-bit of the scalar was set. (Scalars must only be constructed from 255-bit integers.)

  • Failure of a signature to satisfy the verification equation.

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<SignatureError> for SignatureError[src]

impl Eq for SignatureError[src]

impl Hash for SignatureError[src]

impl Debug for SignatureError[src]

impl Display for SignatureError[src]

impl Copy for SignatureError[src]

impl Clone for SignatureError[src]

impl Fail for SignatureError[src]

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