[][src]Struct ed25519_dalek::PublicKey

pub struct PublicKey(_, _);

An ed25519 public key.


impl PublicKey[src]

pub fn to_bytes(&self) -> [u8; 32][src]

Convert this public key to a byte array.

pub fn as_bytes<'a>(&'a self) -> &'a [u8; 32][src]

View this public key as a byte array.

pub fn from_bytes(bytes: &[u8]) -> Result<PublicKey, SignatureError>[src]

Construct a PublicKey from a slice of bytes.


The caller is responsible for ensuring that the bytes passed into this method actually represent a curve25519_dalek::curve::CompressedEdwardsY and that said compressed point is actually a point on the curve.


use ed25519_dalek::PublicKey;
use ed25519_dalek::PUBLIC_KEY_LENGTH;
use ed25519_dalek::SignatureError;

let public_key_bytes: [u8; PUBLIC_KEY_LENGTH] = [
   215,  90, 152,   1, 130, 177,  10, 183, 213,  75, 254, 211, 201, 100,   7,  58,
    14, 225, 114, 243, 218, 166,  35,  37, 175,   2,  26, 104, 247,   7,   81, 26];

let public_key = PublicKey::from_bytes(&public_key_bytes)?;


A Result whose okay value is an EdDSA PublicKey or whose error value is an SignatureError describing the error that occurred.

pub fn verify(
    message: &[u8],
    signature: &Signature
) -> Result<(), SignatureError>

Verify a signature on a message with this keypair's public key.


Returns Ok(()) if the signature is valid, and Err otherwise.

pub fn verify_prehashed<D>(
    prehashed_message: D,
    context: Option<&[u8]>,
    signature: &Signature
) -> Result<(), SignatureError> where
    D: Digest<OutputSize = U64>, 

Verify a signature on a prehashed_message using the Ed25519ph algorithm.


  • prehashed_message is an instantiated hash digest with 512-bits of output which has had the message to be signed previously fed into its state.
  • context is an optional context string, up to 255 bytes inclusive, which may be used to provide additional domain separation. If not set, this will default to an empty string.
  • signature is a purported Ed25519ph Signature on the prehashed_message.


Returns true if the signature was a valid signature created by this Keypair on the prehashed_message.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> From<&'a SecretKey> for PublicKey[src]

fn from(secret_key: &SecretKey) -> PublicKey[src]

Derive this public key from its corresponding SecretKey.

impl<'a> From<&'a ExpandedSecretKey> for PublicKey[src]

fn from(expanded_secret_key: &ExpandedSecretKey) -> PublicKey[src]

Derive this public key from its corresponding ExpandedSecretKey.

impl PartialEq<PublicKey> for PublicKey[src]

impl Eq for PublicKey[src]

impl Debug for PublicKey[src]

impl AsRef<[u8]> for PublicKey[src]

impl Copy for PublicKey[src]

impl Clone for PublicKey[src]

impl Default for PublicKey[src]

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