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ed25519 signatures and verification


Creating an ed25519 signature on a message is simple.

First, we need to generate a Keypair, which includes both public and secret halves of an asymmetric key. To do so, we need a cryptographically secure random number generator (CSPRING). For this example, we'll use the operating system's builtin PRNG to generate a keypair:

extern crate rand;
extern crate ed25519;

use rand::Rng;
use rand::OsRng;
use ed25519::Keypair;

let mut cspring: OsRng = OsRng::new().unwrap();
let keypair: Keypair = Keypair::generate(&mut cspring);

We can now use this keypair to sign a message:

let message: &[u8] = "This is a test of the tsunami alert system.".as_bytes();
let signature: Signature = keypair.sign(message);

As well as to verify that this is, indeed, a valid signature on that message:

let verified: bool = keypair.verify(message, &signature);


Anyone else, given the public half of the keypair can also easily verify this signature:

let public_key: PublicKey = keypair.public;
let verified: bool = public_key.verify(message, &signature);




An ed25519 keypair.


An ed25519 public key.


An ed25519 private key.


An ed25519 signature.