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This crate is pure Rust ECHONET Lite implementation including

  • serde implementation of ECHONET Lite packet
  • detailed property configurations of ECHONET Device objects (WIP)

but not included

  • transport layer (usually, UDP with IPv4/IPv6) implementation
  • specific ECHONET Lite object behavior


pub use crate::object::EchonetObject;


The echonet-lite prelude.


Create a Properties object for Get request obtaining one or more property values.
Create a Property object from a pair of EPC (u8) and EDT ([u8; _]).
Create a Properties object from an array of EPC (u8) and EDT ([u8; _]) pairs.


ECHONET property value data.
An ECHONET Lite packet representation.
Builds a ECHONET Lite packet.
An ECHONET property array consists of OPC, EPC1, PDC1, EDT1 ... EPCn, PDCn, EDTn.
A ECHONET property putting EPC, OPC, and EDT together.


The kind of error that can be produced during a serialization or deserialization.
Reperesents ECHONET LiteService (ESV). The service code specifies an operation for properties stipulated by the EPC.


Type Definitions

An error that can be produced during (de)serializing.
The result of a serialization or deserialization operation.