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§ec4rs: EditorConfig For Rust

An EditorConfig core in safe Rust. See the Github repo for more information.

§Basic Example Usage

The most common usecase for ec4rs involves determining how an editor/linter/etc should be configured for a file at a given path.

The simplest way to load these is using properties_of. This function, if successful, will return a Properties, a map of config keys to values for a file at the provided path. In order to get values for tab width and indent size that are compliant with the standard, use_fallbacks should be called before retrieving them.

From there, Properties offers several methods for retrieving values:

// Read the EditorConfig files that would apply to a file at the given path.
let mut cfg = ec4rs::properties_of("src/").unwrap_or_default();
// Convenient access to ec4rs's property parsers.
use ec4rs::property::*;
// Use fallback values for tab width and/or indent size.

// Let ec4rs do the parsing for you.
let indent_style: IndentStyle = cfg.get::<IndentStyle>()

// Get a string value, with a default.
let charset: &str = cfg.get_raw::<Charset>()
    .filter_unset() // Handle the special "unset" value.

// Parse a non-standard property.
let hard_wrap = cfg.get_raw_for_key("max_line_length")


allow-empty-values: Consider lines with a key but no value as valid. This is likely to be explicitly allowed in a future version of the EditorConfig specification, but ec4rs currently by default treats such lines as invalid, necessitating this feature flag to reduce behavioral breakage.

language-tags: Use the language-tags crate, which adds parsing for the spelling_language property.


  • language_tagslanguage-tags
    Re-export of the language-tags crate.
  • Enums for common EditorConfig properties.
  • Types and utilities related to unparsed EditorConfig values.
  • Information about the version of the EditorConfig specification this library complies with.



  • All errors that can occur during operation.
  • Possible errors that can occur while parsing EditorConfig data.