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easyfibers is a closure-less couroutine library for executing asynchronous tasks as painlessly as possible.

The goal is to enable writing network protocols seamlessly and efficiently.

easyfibers is organized into three levels:

  • Poller that polls on sockets (mio), dns lookups and timers. Also holds unused execution stacks (context-rs).
  • Runners that get events from poller and runs fibers.
  • Fibers that are executed by runners. Each fiber runs in its own stack and gets automatically scheduled out on blocking operations like write/read.

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Available within the fiber execute function to configure fiber or create child fibers. Child fibers return results to parent fibers instead of poller on main stack.


Reference to fiber on main stack.


Used to poll on sockets and timers. There can only be 1 poller per thread.


Runner executes fibers on main stack. There can be multiple pollers each with its own fibers of a particular type.



Socket type to connect to using new_resolve_connect function. For SSL/TLS use tcp first, then call tcp_tls_connect inside fiber.

Type Definitions


Fiber execute function. It receives current fiber, parameter that was used to start the fiber and returns result that will be result of fiber.