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This library implements Robert Penner's easing functions. Easing functions calculate rate of change of a property over time.

A little website can help visualising functions. Another can help you understanding Easing functions in details

  • t is the current time (or position) of the tween. This can be seconds or frames, steps, seconds, ms, whatever as long as the unit is the same as is used for the total time.
  • b is the beginning value of the property.
  • c is the change between the beginning and destination value of the property.
  • d is the total time of the tween.


use easer::functions::*;
let mut y: [f64; 100] = [0.0; 100];
for i in 0..100 {
    y[i] = i as f64;
println!("Before {:?}", &y[..]);
y.iter_mut().map(|a| *a = Back::ease_in(*a, 0.0, 100.0, 100.0)).count();
println!("After {:?}", &y[..]);