[][src]Struct dyscord::Guild

pub struct Guild {
    pub id: Snowflake,
    pub name: String,
    pub icon: Option<String>,
    pub splash: Option<String>,
    pub owner: Option<bool>,
    pub owner_id: Snowflake,
    pub permissions: Option<u32>,
    pub region: Option<String>,
    pub afk_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>,
    pub afk_timeout: Option<u32>,
    pub embed_enable: Option<bool>,
    pub embed_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>,
    pub verification_level: VerificationLevel,
    pub default_message_notifications: DefaultMessageNotifications,
    pub explicit_content_filter: ExplicitContentFilterLevel,
    pub roles: Vec<Role>,
    pub emojis: Vec<Value>,
    pub features: Vec<String>,
    pub mfa_level: MfaLevel,
    pub application_id: Option<Snowflake>,
    pub widget_enabled: Option<bool>,
    pub widget_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>,
    pub system_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>,
    pub system_channel_flags: Option<BitFlags<SystemChannelFlags>>,
    pub joined_at: Option<TimeStamp>,
    pub large: Option<bool>,
    pub unavailable: Option<bool>,
    pub member_count: Option<u32>,
    pub voice_states: Option<Value>,
    pub members: Option<Vec<GuildMember>>,
    pub channels: Option<Vec<Channel>>,
    pub presences: Option<Vec<Value>>,
    pub max_presences: Option<u32>,
    pub max_members: Option<u32>,
    pub vanity_url_code: Option<String>,
    pub description: Option<String>,
    pub banner: Option<String>,
    pub premium_tier: Option<PremiumTier>,
    pub premium_subscription_count: Option<u32>,


id: Snowflakename: Stringicon: Option<String>splash: Option<String>owner: Option<bool>owner_id: Snowflakepermissions: Option<u32>region: Option<String>afk_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>afk_timeout: Option<u32>embed_enable: Option<bool>embed_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>verification_level: VerificationLeveldefault_message_notifications: DefaultMessageNotificationsexplicit_content_filter: ExplicitContentFilterLevelroles: Vec<Role>emojis: Vec<Value>features: Vec<String>mfa_level: MfaLevelapplication_id: Option<Snowflake>widget_enabled: Option<bool>widget_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>system_channel_id: Option<Snowflake>system_channel_flags: Option<BitFlags<SystemChannelFlags>>joined_at: Option<TimeStamp>large: Option<bool>unavailable: Option<bool>member_count: Option<u32>voice_states: Option<Value>members: Option<Vec<GuildMember>>channels: Option<Vec<Channel>>presences: Option<Vec<Value>>max_presences: Option<u32>max_members: Option<u32>vanity_url_code: Option<String>description: Option<String>banner: Option<String>premium_tier: Option<PremiumTier>premium_subscription_count: Option<u32>

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Guild[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Guild[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Guild

impl Send for Guild

impl Sync for Guild

impl Unpin for Guild

impl UnwindSafe for Guild

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