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This crate aims to fill the gap in Rust’s dynamic traits system by exposing the control over dynamic virtual function tables to the user in a safe API. Below is a list of capabilities unlocked by dync.

  • Create homogeneous untyped Vecs that store a single virtual function table for all contained elements. This functionality is enabled by the traits feature. For more details see vec_dyn.


pub use downcast_rs as downcast;
pub use index_slice::*;


Utility macros for code generation.

This module defines the function pointers for supported traits from the standard library.


Applies $fn to an VecCopy mapping valid numeric data types by corresponding generic parameters. For example, passing an VecCopy containing data of type u8 will cause this macro to call $fn with type parameter u8 like $fn::<u8>(buffer).

Convert a given container with a dynamic vtable to a concrete type.

Convert a given container type (e.g. VecCopy or SliceDyn) to have a dynamic VTable.


A generic mutable Copy value reference.

A generic value reference to a Copy type.

Defines a meta struct containing information about a type but not the type itself.

A generic mutable value reference into a buffer.

A generic value reference into a buffer.

Buffer of untyped Copy values.


A VTable reference type.


VTable defines a type that represents a virtual function table for some type T.

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