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Dynalock: A lease based distributed lock.

Dynalock algorithm supports lease based distributed locking implementations through providers that support a strongly consistent Compare-And-Swap (CAS) operation, or at least the compare-and-set variant and an eventually consistent read operation. For algorithmic details please refer to the file.

You can use this library to cooperatively synchronize access on a conceptual resource (e.g., pushing an item to a queue). The main data structure we use to describe the lock is DistLock.

The generic structure DistLock accepts a single type parameter Driver to delegate the implementation of the Locking trait to back-end or storage driver implementations. As an example, the DynamoDB driver implements the Locking trait for DistLock<DynamoDbDriver>. The Locking trait is an API contract where driver implementations will implement the Dynalock algorithm for using the provider's primitives.


pub extern crate rusoto_core;
pub extern crate rusoto_dynamodb;
pub use error::DynaError;
pub use error::DynaErrorKind;
pub use providers::*;



Dynalock error type and kinds.


Distributed lock storage providers.



The distributed lock structure that holds all the internal lock state and information.



The Locking trait provides a contractual API that providers implement the Dynalock algorithm using the particular provider's primitives.