[][src]Crate dw1000

Driver crate for the DW1000 UWB transceiver

The recommended way to use this driver is the high-level interface. If you require a higher degree of flexibility, you can use the register-level interface instead.

If you're using the DWM1001 module or DWM1001-Dev board, you probably don't want to use this crate directly. Consider using the dwm1001 crate instead. The dwm1001 crate also contains usage examples for this crate's API.

This driver is built on top of embedded-hal, which means it is portable and can be used on any platform that implements the embedded-hal API. It is only well-tested on the Nordic nRF52832 microcontroller though (the microcontroller used on the DWM1001 module), so be aware that you might run into problems on other devices.


pub use ieee802154::mac;
pub use crate::hl::DW1000;
pub use crate::hl::Error;
pub use crate::hl::Message;
pub use crate::hl::Ready;
pub use crate::hl::Receiving;
pub use crate::hl::Sending;
pub use crate::hl::Uninitialized;
pub use crate::configs::TxConfig;
pub use crate::configs::RxConfig;



Configuration structs for sending and receiving


High-level interface to the DW1000


Low-level interface to the DW1000


Implementation of double-sided two-way ranging


Time-related types based on the DW1000's system time