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👎Deprecated: This crate is deprecated. The code was moved to dusk-poseidon.
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§Hades252 (deprecated)

:exclamation: This crate is deprecated.
The hades permutation moved into dusk-poseidon.

Implementation of Hades252 permutation algorithm over the Bls12-381 Scalar field.


To generate the Hades252 documentation:

make doc
make doc-internal


Run the following to add Hades252 to the dependency section of your project’s ‘Cargo.toml’:

cargo add dusk-hades

Hades252 has a width equals to 5; it’s possible to use a different value, see How to generate the assets.


  • p = 0x73eda753299d7d483339d80809a1d80553bda402fffe5bfeffffffff00000001

  • Security level is 117 -120 bits of security [NCCG] bits.

  • width = 5

  • Number of full rounds = 8 . There are four full rounds at the beginning and four full rounds at the end, where each full round has WIDTH quintic S-Boxes.

  • Number of partial rounds = 59, where each partial round has one quintic S-Box and (width-1) identity functions.

  • Number of round constants = 960

§Example for ScalarStrategy

use dusk_bls12_381::BlsScalar;
use dusk_hades::{ScalarStrategy, Strategy, WIDTH};

// Generate the inputs that will permute.
// The number of values we can input is equivalent to `WIDTH`

let input = vec![BlsScalar::from(1u64); dusk_hades::WIDTH];
let mut output = input.clone();

let mut strategy = ScalarStrategy::new();

assert_ne!(&input, &output);
assert_eq!(input.len(), output.len());




  • ScalarStrategyDeprecated
    Implements a Hades252 strategy for BlsScalar as input values.


  • PARTIAL_ROUNDSDeprecated
    Total ammount of partial rounds that will be applied. This is expressed as Rp in the paper.
  • Total ammount of full rounds that will be applied. This is expressed as RF in the paper.
  • WIDTHDeprecated
    Maximum input width for the rounds


  • StrategyDeprecated
    Defines the Hades252 strategy algorithm.