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Implementation of Hades252 permutation algorithm over the Bls12-381 Scalar field.


To generate the Hades252 documentation:

make doc
make doc-internal


To import Hades252, add the following to the dependencies section of your project’s Cargo.toml:

dusk-hades = "0.16.0"

Hades252 has a width equals to 5; it’s possible to use a different value, see How to generate the assets.


  • p = 0x73eda753299d7d483339d80809a1d80553bda402fffe5bfeffffffff00000001

  • Security level is 117 -120 bits of security [NCCG] bits.

  • width = 5

  • Number of full rounds = 8 . There are four full rounds at the beginning and four full rounds at the end, where each full round has WIDTH quintic S-Boxes.

  • Number of partial rounds = 59, where each partial round has one quintic S-Box and (width-1) identity functions.

  • Number of round constants = 960

Example with permutation of scalars using the ScalarStrategy

use dusk_hades::{ScalarStrategy, Strategy, WIDTH};
use dusk_plonk::bls12_381::BlsScalar;

// Generate the inputs that will permute.
// The number of values we can input is equivalent to `WIDTH`

let input = vec![BlsScalar::from(1u64); dusk_hades::WIDTH];
let mut strategy = ScalarStrategy::new();
let mut output = input.clone();

assert_ne!(&input, &output);
assert_eq!(input.len(), output.len());

Example with permutation of Variables using the GadgetStrategy

// Proving that we know the pre-image of a hades-252 hash.
use dusk_hades::{GadgetStrategy, Strategy, WIDTH};
use dusk_plonk::prelude::*;

// Setup OG params.
const CAPACITY: usize = 1 << 7;
let public_parameters = PublicParameters::setup(CAPACITY, &mut rand::thread_rng()).unwrap();
let (ck, vk) = public_parameters.trim(CAPACITY).unwrap();;

// Gen composer
let mut composer = StandardComposer::new();

// Gen inputs
let mut inputs = [BlsScalar::one(); WIDTH];

let mut prover = Prover::new(b"Hades_Testing");

// Generate the witness data
let mut composer = prover.mut_cs();
let zero = composer.add_input(BlsScalar::zero());
let mut witness = [zero; WIDTH];
    .for_each(|(w, i)| *w = composer.add_input(*i));

// Perform the permutation in the circuit
GadgetStrategy::hades_gadget(prover.mut_cs(), &mut witness);

// Now your composer has been filled with a hades permutation
// inside.
// Now you can build your proof or keep extending your circuit.




pub use strategies::GadgetStrategy;
pub use strategies::ScalarStrategy;
pub use strategies::Strategy;


Strategies implemented for the Hades252 algorithm. This module contains an implementation of the Hades252 strategy algorithm specifically designed to work outside of Rank 1 Constraint Systems (R1CS) or other custom Constraint Systems such as Add/Mul/Custom plonk gate-circuits.


Total ammount of partial rounds that will be applied. This is expressed as Rp in the paper.

Total ammount of full rounds that will be applied. This is expressed as RF in the paper.

Maximum input width for the rounds