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This crate provides a simple way to download files via HTTP/HTTPS.

It tries to make it very simple to just specify a couple of URLs and then go and download all of the files.

It supports system proxy configuration, parallel downloads of different files, validation of downloads via a callback, as well as files being mirrored on different machines.

Callbacks to provide progress information are supported as well.


pub use crate::download::Download;
pub use crate::downloader::Downloader;
pub use crate::progress::Progress;
pub use crate::verify::SimpleProgress;
pub use crate::verify::Verification;
pub use crate::verify::Verify;


The actual download code
The Download struct is used to describe a file that is supposed to get downloaded.
The Downloader that holds all the logic to manage the Downloads
Progress reporting code
Verification callbacks


The result of a Download


Possible Errors that can occurred during normal operation.

Type Definitions

Result type for the gng_shared library