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Using types to make sure that you're sure, sure, and doubly sure

Users get prompted to make sure they want to perform a destructive action, why shouldn't developers?

This crate is composed of only the AreYouSure enum, and the make_sure macro. Check their individual documentation for more info.


The core usage is simple, when you encounter an AreYouSure type you must answer the question:

  • Call .yes_i_am_sure() to run deferred functions and runwrap the value.
  • Or call .no_i_am_not_sure() to discard, doing nothing.

The make_sure macro exists to wrap existing values, functions, and code blocks in the AreYouSure type.

Library Usage

DoublySure really shines when you use it within the public API of your own libraries as the return type of dangerous functions.

This example is not tested
pub fn dangerous(num: usize) -> AreYouSure<Result<()>> {
    // Set things up...

    return make_sure!({
       // dangerous operation that will not be run
       // until the user calls .yes_i_am_sure()



Macro to wrap values in an AreYouSure. Or in other words, it makes sure of something.



A type that asks the user the all important question: Are you sure you want to do this?