This is the game application. It handles the creation of the game window, the window events including player input events and runs the main game loop.
This contains the data for a console (including the one displayed on the screen) and methods to draw on it.
This provides a common way to load files for both native and web targets
An easy way to load PNG images and blit them on the console
An iterator visiting all keys in arbitrary order.


What is returned by the Engine::update function



This is the complete doryen-rs API provided to you by App in Engine::update and Engine::render methods.
This is the trait you must implement to update and render your game. See App::set_engine
Provides information about user input. Possible values for the key scancode parameter can be found in unrust/uni-app’s translate_scan_code function. Warning, there are some slight variations from one OS to another, for example the Command, F13, F14, F15 keys only exist on Mac.


Type Definitions