Module domain::rdata[][src]

Resource data implementations.

This module will eventually contain implementations for the record data for all defined resource record types.

The types are named identically to the Rtype variant they implement. They are grouped into submodules for the RFCs they are defined in. All types are also re-exported at the top level here. Ie., for the AAAA record type, you can simple use domain::rdata::Aaaa instead of use domain::rdata::rfc3596::Aaaa which nobody could possibly remember. There are, however, some helper data types defined here and there which are not re-exported to keep things somewhat tidy.

See the Rtype enum for the complete set of record types and, consequently, those types that are still missing.


pub use self::rfc1035::A;
pub use self::rfc1035::Cname;
pub use self::rfc1035::Hinfo;
pub use self::rfc1035::Mb;
pub use self::rfc1035::Md;
pub use self::rfc1035::Mf;
pub use self::rfc1035::Mg;
pub use self::rfc1035::Minfo;
pub use self::rfc1035::Mr;
pub use self::rfc1035::Mx;
pub use self::rfc1035::Ns;
pub use self::rfc1035::Ptr;
pub use self::rfc1035::Soa;
pub use self::rfc1035::Txt;
pub use self::rfc1035::Wks;
pub use self::rfc2782::Srv;
pub use self::rfc3596::Aaaa;
pub use self::rfc1035::Null;



Owned versions of all record data types.


Parsed versions of all record data types.


Record data from RFC 1035.


Record data from RFC 2782.


Record data from RFC 3596.



An enum with all the record data that can appear in master files.



Formats record data from a message parser in master file format.