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FEEL definitions.


Definitions of built-in functions.

FEEL context.

FEEL values.


Creates a scope.

Creates Value::Null with optional tracing message.


FEEL date.

FEEL date and time.

Days and time duration in FEEL. Holds the number of nanoseconds in the duration.

FEEL number.

FEEL time. Stored as hour, minute, second, nanosecond and zone.

Years and months duration in FEEL. Holds the number of months in the duration.

FEEL name.

FEEL QualifiedName.

The FEEL scope.


Node of the Abstract Syntax Tree for FEEL grammar.

Function body may be defined in FEEL or DMN in many ways. This enum is the representation of all of these cases.


Trait for converting a FEEL artifacts into FEEL string.


Returns true when the specified type name is a built-in type.

Type Definitions

Type alias of the function that evaluates FEEL expression or DMN model into Value.

Type for optional AST node.