Animation builder

Builder of each animation frame

Load resources into a series of tiny_skia::Pixmap, so we can use them to build the animations.

Clock info that returned from Divoom service (not device).

Clock info list that returned from Divoom service (not device). The result will be paginated, hence we have to total_num field here to help query with pagination.

Divoom device information returned from Divoom backend service

Font info

Definition of image animations.

All settings of a pixoo device. Supported settings could be very different device per device, hence we scope this to pixoo device only.

Clock info that returned from Divoom device, such as Pixoo-64 (not service).

This represents the error that returned from Divoom online service or Divoom devices.

Divoom backend service client

Text animation definition

Pixoo device client

Pixoo command builder for creating the JSON payload of Pixoo commands.


Divoom API error. Since the Divoom service and device APIs are http servers, it can fail due to many reasons. Hence we have a few categories of errors here.

Divoom device channel types.

The sub channel type of cloud channel. Same as the top level channel, we provided Raw(i32) to help us setting to any value in case we didn’t have it covered here.

Hour mode, 12-hours o 24-hours.

Device screen rotation angle.

Device screen power state.

Temperature unit. Used in weather report.

Fit mode when drawing the animation frame

Type of the image animations file source.

Font types

Text animation text alignment

Text animation scrolling direction

Countdown tool action

Noise tool action

Stopwatch tool action



Type Definitions

Result that wraps the error.

The data of this frame.