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§Distances (v1.7.1)

Fast and generic distance functions for high-dimensional data.


Add this to your project:

> cargo add distances@1.7.1

Use it in your project:

use distances::Number;
use distances::vectors::euclidean;

let a = [1.0_f32, 2.0, 3.0];
let b = [4.0_f32, 5.0, 6.0];

let distance: f32 = euclidean(&a, &b);

assert!((distance - (27.0_f32).sqrt()).abs() < 1e-6);


  • A Number trait to abstract over different numeric types.
    • Distance functions are generic over the return type implementing Number.
    • Distance functions may also be generic over the input type being a collection of Numbers.
  • SIMD accelerated implementations for float types.
  • Python bindings with maturin and pyo3.
  • no_std support.

§Available Distance Functions


Contributions are welcome, encouraged, and appreciated! See


Licensed under the MIT license.



  • The Number trait is used to represent numbers of different types.
  • Distance functions for sets.
  • Provides simd-accelerated euclidean distance functions for vectors.
  • String distance metrics.
  • Distance functions for vectors.