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disque-rs is a rust implementation of a Disque client library. It uses redis-rs to handle the connection and low level protocol.

The crate is called disque and you can depend on it via cargo:

ini [dependencies.disque] version = "*"`

Connection Parameters

disque-rs knows different ways to define where a connection should go. The parameter to Disque::open needs to implement the IntoConnectionInfo trait of which there are three implementations:

  • string slices in redis:// URL format.
  • URL objects from the redis-url crate.
  • ConnectionInfo objects.

The URL format is redis://[:<passwd>@]<hostname>[:port][/<db>]

Notice the scheme is actually "redis" because it uses the Redis protocol. By default, it will use port 6379, although Disque uses 7711.

Unix Sockets

For unix socket support, install redis with the feature "unix_socket".

Command reference

The commands are a direct implementation of Disque commands. To read a reference about their meaning, go to